Chase Kohne for Congress

Affordable Healthcare for All


Access to healthcare is a life-and-death matter. American families cannot wait for healthcare relief. In Congress, I will immediately get to work with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to lower premiums for low-income and middle class families and extend high-quality coverage to more Americans. But fixing the Affordable Care Act won’t be enough.

The majority of Americans want a universal healthcare system, yet our government is virtually alone among industrialized nations in failing to achieve universal healthcare: nearly 60 other countries have achieved universal healthcare, including those nations whose interests and values are most in common with ours.

A better system: People in universal healthcare systems pay significantly less for healthcare, both per person and as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP). They live longer, healthier lives with better chances of surviving life-threatening illnesses and a significantly lower risk of preventable death. People in universal healthcare systems are also consistently far more satisfied with the overall quality of care.

In rural America, emergency care is often a helicopter ride away. Rural Americans’ lives might one day depend on how quickly they can get to the nearest hospital. Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid threaten the viability of rural hospitals. We must keep rural hospitals open and save the thousands of jobs these hospitals provide. In Congress, I will fight to protect rural Americans’ access to lifesaving healthcare.

A path forward: The fastest, easiest, and surest path to achieving true universal healthcare in the United States is taking full advantage of systems already in place to fill coverage gaps until all Americans can get the care they need, placing a much stronger emphasis on preventative care, demanding total transparency and careful management of healthcare costs, and spurring open competition among providers and manufacturers to provide the best products at the lowest cost.

In his May 2017 meeting with Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, President Trump pointed out that Australia’s universal healthcare system is much better than our own. He’s right: Australians pay only about half of what Americans do for their healthcare yet Australians live an average of 3.5 years longer and they are far more satisfied with the quality of their healthcare system. Australia provides universal healthcare through the nation’s Medicare system while also allowing people to use private insurers if they wish.

An open and honest process: Regardless of the exact path we take for universal healthcare, Americans agree it’s wrong to repeal and run and it’s wrong to create policy behind closed doors. That’s why I won’t make healthcare policy in backroom deals away from the public eye. I will instead work openly and honestly with my colleagues in Congress—regardless of party—to find solutions that lower costs and extend coverage to more Americans as we work toward achieving universal healthcare.

No American should face going bankrupt due to illness or injury. No American should pay for coverage that is too expensive to use. No American should have to choose between healthcare and putting food on the table. No American should fear changing jobs due to losing their coverage. No American should have to delay going to the doctor because of the cost.

Economists are now calling universal healthcare the “affordable dream,” and I stand with the majority of Americans who say it’s time to make that dream our reality.


Securing America's Clean Energy Future


With some of the nation’s best solar and wind power potential, eastern Colorado boasts incredible opportunities for renewable energy—but we aren’t taking full advantage of these unlimited resources.

Coloradans have been pushing for more clean and renewable energy since 2004, when voters approved a measure requiring utilities to get at least 10 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2015. This target was later increased to 30 percent by 2020. Recent studies indicate this target is still too low and we can do even more. That’s why I’ve set a goal to grow Colorado’s renewable power statewide to 50 percent by 2025. Colorado can and should go one hundred percent renewable by 2050 or sooner.

Achieving this goal will take a commitment to invest not only in research and development, but also the infrastructure needed for wind and solar farms. Most importantly, we will need to invest in the building and maintenance of a grid system to get this clean and cheap power to the population centers of Colorado. The building of these systems will create many short term jobs as well as permanent, skilled employment along the eastern plains. Implementation of these systems will create a source of energy that is cheaper per kilowatt hour and endless in supply.

Energy independence remains a key economic and national security issue: oil and gas prices continue to fluctuate and are likely to become increasingly expensive as these resources dwindle and eventually run out. Dependence on foreign oil from countries hostile to American interests creates an ongoing national security risk.

Renewable energy is vital to protecting and preserving clean air and water, the outdoors, and wildlife. Coloradans treasure our state’s natural beauty and resources including clean air and clean water. Our state's brand and tourism industry depends on protecting our outdoors and wildlife. Coloradans agree that defending and conserving natural resources is the right thing to do and I'll fight for our Colorado values in Washington.

Clean power grows eastern Colorado’s economy, protects our natural resources, and ensures our nation’s security. In Congress, I will promote clean, renewable energy in Colorado and nationwide.


Standing Up for Schools and Students


My daughters attend public school in District 4. As a parent, it’s my duty to secure the best education I can for them. In Congress, I will fight for the same for your family.

It shouldn’t matter where you live—your children deserve the best opportunities whether your family’s school is in Parker, Trinidad, Greeley, Castle Rock, Fort Morgan, or Sterling. Yet large performance and achievement gaps between schools continue to plague our education system, and rural schools lack the support they need in Washington, leaving our children and their teachers without critical resources.

In Congress, I will stand up for schools in Colorado and nationwide by taking full advantage of all state and federal money available to schools and spending it wisely with students’ long-term success in mind.

We must do more to control the rising cost of college. The cost of tuition has in many cases tripled while student-to-professor ratios and the overall quality of education remains the same. In Congress, I will do all I can to make college more affordable and accessible.

We should also do more to prepare young people to explore all of the options and opportunities awaiting them after high school. Many rewarding careers are open to people without a college degree. Learning in-demand trades such as construction leads to well-paying lifelong careers and in some cases, entrepreneurship and small business success. In Congress, I will promote our high school students’ lifelong success and I believe all students can be successful whether or not they choose to go on to college.


Supporting Small Businesses and Farms


As a small business owner, I understand the unique challenges facing small business owners and their employees. Whether it’s the family ranch or a retail store, every small business’s success helps power our district, our state, and our nation.

In Congress, I will fight on behalf of small businesses and family farms in Colorado and nationwide.


Defending American Values


We face many threats and conflicts at home and abroad. As a veteran and Army Reserve officer, I know the importance of a ready military and a strong national defense.

Protecting American Values: In Congress, I will vigorously defend the American values of liberty and justice for all against any foreign or domestic threat. I will demand that my colleagues in Congress do the same. We’re lucky to have good international relationships with our neighbors and allies, and I’m committed to strengthening these relationships and working together with our allies whenever we share values and goals.

Supporting Military Families: Veterans and active-duty military are our friends, family, and neighbors. Because my wife also serves in the Army Reserve, and is currently deployed to Germany, I’ve experienced the toll deployments can take on military families.

Supporting our military means standing with our soldiers and their families at every stage from recruitment to retirement and helping soldiers make a smooth transition back to civilian life after service. It means avoiding unnecessary conflicts with diplomacy and smart negotiating. It means a modernized defense budget with an emphasis on smart technology and a strong Reserve force.

Taking care of our military and their families is the right thing to do and ensures that we’ll always have volunteers eager to serve, ready to protect and defend us when we need them most.


Holding Government Accountable


Restoring Integrity to Congress: The vast majority of Americans disapprove of how our Members of Congress do their jobs. Too many of our representatives refuse to hold town halls or respond to voter concerns. They do the bare minimum to get re-elected. They treat serving in Congress like a retirement plan. This is unacceptable.

In Congress, I will join forces with Democrats, Republicans, and independents to streamline the nation’s budget and find common sense solutions to the biggest challenges we face. I will work closely with the people and industries I represent to do it right, and I’ll stand up to my colleagues in Congress when they’re wrong.

I will hold regular and open town halls throughout the district. I will make every effort to hear and understand your concerns. My office will take your letters and phone calls with gratitude. We will respond to as many as we can and as promptly as possible.

The opportunity to serve in Congress is an honor and a privilege, not a retirement plan for wealthy elites. Citizens should run for office because they are dedicated to public service over personal ambition. That’s why I support term limits for Congress. I support a 10 year ban on Members of Congress becoming lobbyists after they leave office. I personally pledge to serve no more than four two-year terms, or eight years total, as your representative.

Fair and bipartisan redistricting: Gerrymandering, or the practice of redrawing district lines to give one party an unfair advantage, is unpopular with Americans regardless of their political leanings. Gerrymandering stifles democracy and robs voters of a chance to choose the representatives they actually want. I will fight for fair and bipartisan redistricting.



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Chase Kohne is a member of the US Army Reserve. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.
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